How to choose the central vacuum that suits me?

Choosing a central vacuum usually implies considering some very precise information in order to assess your needs. To learn more about the way each criterion can influence your needs, click on the following.

Cyclovac central vacuums units

Type of use

For residential needs, you’re at the right place! Our selection of “Residential” entral vacuums includes models for every type of home, whether you live in an apartment, a single home or even a mansion! Our "Compact" category even includes units that were designed specifically for apartments, RVs and boats!

With over 10,000 Retractable hose systems sold over the last 10 years, this ingenious system has proven its reliability and has become popular among homeowners. For this type of installation, however, a considerable suction strength is necessary to efficiently retract the total length of the hose.

For commercial use, we recommend more durable and powerful units that can offer constant maximum suction strength despite very long piping systems, numerous inlets and very large surfaces. These models may be suitable for retail stores that do not require more than 3 hours of use per week. for over 3 hours of use per week, Vac offers a commercial line «à la carte» of central vacuum systems that can be entirely customized to meet every professional needs.

Type of home

If you’re living in an apartment or condo, you’re probably looking for a compact and quiet unit. Models from our "Compact" category are amongst the most silent on the market, take almost no room and offer surprising performance that allow to efficiently clean 2 storeys, comprising up to 3 inlets.

For single-family houses, a wide selection of models is available. Whether you’re looking for a quiet or eco-friendly unit, you’re sure to find the one you need in the "High performance" category.

For boats and RVs, we offer an ultracompact model with outstanding performance. It can be installed almost anywhere, and even without piping! Installed vertically or horizontally, our "Compact" models will bring you all the advantages of having a central vacuum, in your RV!

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Total number of floors and inlets

For each additional floor or inlet, the piping system will get longer, which will automatically increase the volume of air that needs to be vacuumed. That’s why a higher air flow will be required to maintain maximum suction strength and efficient cleaning performance!
Note that this is also true for the length of your hose. That’s why it is often preferable to add another inlet to you installation than to use a longer hose.


If you’re thinking about installing Retractable hose inlet in your residence, you will need a model that can offer considerable suction strength in order to efficiently retract the whole length of the hose. The appropriate models for the retractable hose system can be found in the section "High performance".

Other complementary systems such as the WallyFlex auxiliary hose and the automatic dustpan can be counted as standard inlets.

Here is a summary that can give you an idea of the capacity of each of our models:

Models Cleaning surface* Maximum number
of standard inlets**
Maximum number
of Retractable inlets**
30' standard hose
115 2 000 ft2 5 2
125 3 500 ft2 6 4
215 3 500 ft2 8 5
625 6 000 ft2 8 5
725 10 000 ft2 15 8
7525 20 000 ft2 23 12

*Cleaning surface is provided as a general reference only. Many other factors should be considered for the choice of a central vacuum such as carpets, allergies, pets, etc.
**WallyFlex or automatic dustpans should not be considered in the total number of inlets, but only in the total length of PVC.

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Cleaning surface

As opposed to what most central vacuum dealers say, the cleaning surface has very little impact on the type of model you should choose. Whether you have to clean a thousand square feet or four thousand, you’ll want to have the same cleaning performance, every time. It is better to consider the length of the piping network, that of the hose, as well as the number of inlets that is required to clean the whole surface, rather than just the cleaning surface itself. Moreover, the cleaning performance will not be the same in a home that is entirely covered with carpet and where animals live, as in a home that’s the same size, but covered with hardwood floors and where there is no animal.

Carpeted surface

When it comes to carpets, it can be best to use a model that offers a slightly higher suction strength in order to dislodge the dust more efficiently. However, the attachments you choose to clean carpets with can make all the difference! Cyclovac’s carpet turbo brushes can be found in the “Powerheads – air driven” and “Powerheads - electric” sections.

Once you have chosen the model that offers the right performance for your home, you will probably have to make other choices.

How to choose the filtration system that suits me?

If you suffer from allergies and wish to avoid any contact with dust as much as possible, then you need our central vacuums with bag (GS or GX series). Dust is trapped in the electrostatic bag, which you will be able to discard while keeping your hands clean. It’s that easy!

If you’re a bit concerned with the environment, our central vacuums with filter (E and DL series) will satisfy you. No disposable bag is needed: both filters are washable and reusable!

For indecisive users, and to suit today’s fast-paced lifestyle, we offer hybrid models (H and HX series) that can be used with or without a bag, at any time. You ran out of bags and have no time to go buy more? No problem! Just remove the adaptor and you’re ready to clean!

Why use our recommended accessories?

To ensure optimum performance of your central vacuum system, always use the original Cyclovac attachments. A wide range of premium Cyclovac attachments is available for every need.

With very high requirements for quality and durability, Cyclovac has managed to chose and develop accessories for every need. These have been tested in the factory in order to offer optimum performance for its central vacuum units. In addition, they are subject to a rigorous quality control process. Cyclovac accessories are also designed so that they will not scratch your walls.

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