Designed and manufactured in Canada.

Used to clean everywhere.

Developed, tested and validated in North America. Manufactured with the latest technologies allowing a more powerful suction, and easy use. Cyclovac central vacuums shine all over the world for their exceptional performance and reliability.

Although our head office is in Blainville, Quebec, it is supported by international offices and distribution centers in the United States and France, allowing us to install central vacuums anywhere, across the world.

Bruxelle - Belgium

Luxury homes
Installation: GX7515 | 40 inlets

Québec - Canada

Fondation Véro & Louis
Installation: GX7515 | 40 inlets

Charlevoix - Canada

Luxury home
Installation: GX7515 | 40 inlets

Seoul - Korea

Condo project
Installation: 600 units installed


Industrial Facilities
Installation: 2 separator | 8 HD motor units

Quebec - Canada

Ford Dealership - Laquerre Auto Victoriaville
Installation: Wave HD Commercial system

Turks & Caicos Islands

Condo project
Installation: 28 units 615 installed | 2 to 6 Retraflex inlets per installation

Lévis - Canada

Dealership Chrysler Lévis
Installation: HD Commercial system

Moscow - Russia

Hospital for sick kids
Charitable donations
Installation: DL7515 | 5 inlets with retractable hose

Dublin - Irlande

Residentiel Project
Installation: E101 (E215) | 3 inlet

Montreal - Canada

Park Avenue Volvo Brossard
Installation: 1 7515 unit | Wave wet/dry collector | 4 inlets

Florida - United States

Closed community
Installation: More than 100 units installed | 3 to 6 inlets per installation

Montreal - Canada

BMW Sainte-Julie - Groupe Park Avenue
Installation: 2 HD motor units | Wave wet/dry collector | 4 inlets

Mont-Tremblant - Canada

Luxury homes
Installation: GX7515 | 40 inlets

Denmark - Poul Askov

Building contrack
Installation: 1200 units installed per year | 1 to 2 inlets per installation

Poland - Jacek Kmieciak

Luxury homes
Installation: 4 HD motor units | Wave wet/dry collector | Poland 15 Retraflex inlets

Montreal - Canada

Volkswagen St-Jérôme
Installation: HD Commercial system

Lisbon - Portugal - Melhores Cumprimentos

Condo project
Installation: 400 units installed | 2 to 3 inlets per installation

How to install?

No need of storage space for your hose. It retracts into the pipes network, just behind the inlet, with the simple suction power of your central unit.

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