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Sixty years of research and development have gone into the design and manufacture of our ground-breaking central vacuums, making Cyclovac a world leader in innovation and performance.

Owning a Cyclovac central vacuum system comes with many advantages including strong vacuuming power, high indoor air quality, efficiency and ease of use.

Our central vacuums are renowned worldwide for their reliability, innovative technology and outstanding performance. This enviable reputation is attributable to the fact that our central vacuums are built using the highest quality components designed exclusively for Cyclovac.
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The Cyclovac warranty

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Did you know that you can extend the warranty on your central vacuum system to 25 years?

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Discover Cyclovac's edge to improve indoor air quality

People spend an average of 90% of their time indoors, where the air is 3X to 5X more polluted than outdoors. Although invisible, these pollutants, especially fine particles, are omnipresent in our daily lives and pose a health risk.

Fortunately, to combat these tiny particles, there are numerous ways available, starting with proper floor hygiene using your vacuum cleaner. But are they all truly effective, or do they simply spread dirt? We've put them to the test for you, and the final results speak for themselves.

Reviews and Testimonials


“ The ‘ Cadillac ’ of central vacuums.
I love it. ”

- Facebook User
Reliable and quiet

“ This vacuum is reliable and quiet. Excellent service. ”

- Facebook User
Air Purifier : interesting and user-friendly.

“ I have an air purifier and I’m satisfied. The features are interesting and user-friendly. ”

- Facebook User
Never without my central vacuum!

“ I cannot do without my central vacuum! ”

- Instagram User