Central vacuum 7525 - Hybrid

Model : HD7525

Central vacuum 7525 - Hybrid

Model : HD7525

This high performance central vacuum model with 2 separate motor units can be connected in series (recommended for Retraflex®) or in parallel depending on cleaning needs. Ideal for effective cleaning with very large surfaces, a long piping system, use with long hoses or an installation with multiple regular or Retraflex® outlets.

This model can’t be installed in a closed space. For specific details regarding the installation of this model, refer to the user manual.

Recommendations :

  • Type of building : large
  • Approximative area* : 1 858m2 (20 000 ft2)

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*The cleaning area is provided as a reference for durability and optimal performance of your central vacuum. For maximum capacity, see the specifications.




The motor unit comprising the second motor can be connected to the main unit by two different intakes. The higher one allows for an installation in series, and the lower one, in parallel. It’s like having two vacuum units that give you the best possible results according to your cleaning needs!


Installed in series, it is ideal for vacuuming heavier debris and allows the installation of multiple retractable hose outlets. Installed in parallel, it is perfect for large areas and will keep optimal power despite a long network of ducts.

A Healthy Choice

You will benefit from improved ambient air quality and a healthier environment. Indeed, our hybrid model is equipped with a HEPA type filter that captures 99.5% of particles at 0.3 µm, so you can breathe easier.


Our unique and exclusive carbon dust filtration system* captures that fine black dust produced by the motor, and usually deposited on surfaces surrounding your vacuum unit. This way, you are sure to breathe easier.

Warranties for your peace of mind

This model comes with a 15 year warranty*, and all our units’ bodies are covered by a lifetime warranty, ensuring your peace of mind for numerous years.
*Or 750 hours or use. Domestic use only. See details in owner’s manual.

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  • In series

  • Airwatts 1354
  • Decibels 72
  • Air flow 136.7 CFM | 232.3 CMH
  • Water lift 254 in | 6452 mm
  • MAX amps 14.6
  • Voltage 240
  • Turbines 4

  • In parallel

  • Airwatts 1354
  • Decibels 70
  • Air flow 273.4 CFM | 464.5 CMH
  • Water lift 149.2 in | 3790 mm
  • MAX amps 14.6
  • Voltage 240
  • Stage 4


  • Hybrid

  • Bag capacity 5.8 gal US | 22 L
  • Canister capacity 6.2 gal US | 23.3 L
  • Height 41.8 in | 106.2 cm
  • Diameter 14.1 in | 35.8 cm
  • Weight 37.5 lb | 17 kg

  • Second unit

  • Bag capacity 0 gal US | 0 L
  • Canister capacity 0 gal US | 0 L
  • Height 17 in | 43.2 cm
  • Diameter 11 in | 27.9 cm
  • Weight 15.8 lb | 7.2 kg

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